“With the RecruitmentScan you have insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your recruitment in no time. With an extensive report and a list of points for improvement that you can get started with today”

When to use the RecruitmentScan?

Do you have a recruitment challenge? Our RecruitmentScan may be the solution for you! Our RecruitmentScan is convenient if you:

  • You find structurally insufficient candidates for your vacancies and you want to know why;
  • Suddenly you have to grow faster than you expected, and you want to respond to this well prepared;
  • Often candidates lose to other employers during the selection process;
  • Thinks you are not attracting and/or selecting the right people.

How do we work?


We assess your recruitment efforts and benchmark them in 5 areas: Technology, Processes, Knowledge & Professionalism, Marketing, and Recruitment General.


No less than 72 subjects are discussed within the 5 sub-areas. From brand awareness through application and selection processes, to hiring and onboarding.

Clear reporting


Labor market communication

How is the communication with your target group(s)? What do you radiate to the people you want to attract?

Attraction power

How easily do you attract new staff? How can you improve on this while holding onto the good stuff?


Do you have your data (AVG/GDPR) and your system in order? Are you using the right tools and media to ensure you recruit good people?

Work processes

Are your processes transparent and clear to everyone? Do they work together to support all those involved in the recruitment process?


Recruitment General

Are you doing what you should be doing in recruiting? Job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Sourcing, Candidate Experience …

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