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At Timmers van den Eijnden you can hire an experienced sourcer. We take over the hard work of sourcing from you. That is what we do, and what we like to do. Do you have trouble finding candidates for specific vacancies? No time to search and approach prospect candidates? Or you don’t know exactly how to do this? Then hire a sourcer.
We employ experienced sourcers that do the tough work for you. You don’t need to worry any more about the inflow of candidates. After an extensive intake meeting, they will start working for you. Preferrably also from your location. You can relax and focus on selecting those quality candidates.
Our sourcers are very experienced in finding prospect candidates through a number of channels. Think of Google, Github, and AmazingHiring. And also, they can boost your referral program and create online posts for you. Off course, LinkedIn is a must have tool in the Sourcer Tool Box, so naturally they come with a Recruiter Seat. Next to that, we have other tools available that enable them to optimally keep in touch with your candidates.

Why hire a Sourcer?

  • Sourcing is a profession on it’s own
  • It is very technical
  • You have to understand people, where they hang out and how to approach them to interact with them positively (we call this Human Hacking)
  • It takes a lot of time
  • Only a part of candidates approached are open to switch. We find and filter them for you. You only get interested candidates.
  • Sourcing will lead you to other candidates than your online posts will.
  • We are really experienced in Sourcing.
  • On average, sourced candidates perform better.

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